Declaration of Intent

I’m not a big moviegoer but I nevertheless have a small number of movies I love and have watched repeatedly. One of them is 2004’s The Punisher, a movie based on a Marvel character created before the current superhero movie craze took over the box office.

2004’s The Punisher

The movie pulled a profit but was not a big hit, drawing disdain from professional critics but building a small cult audience that refuses to accept anyone other than Thomas Jane as the “true” Punisher.

The movie was by no means deep, relying heavily on camp and well executed violence for its charm and entertainment. I bring it up because one of the many memorable scenes in it has Frank Castle (the titular “Punisher”) write a “Declaration of Intent” meant to provide the thinnest rationalizations for why he has to butcher a small army of criminals and mercenaries for the entertainment of the viewer.

While I’m not about to engage in any skirmishes with any crime lords, the bit about Frank Castle being dead is relevant, not just to me but to any man seeking self improvement.

We all await a Final Death (I won’t get theological in this post), but the truth is most people die and are reborn several times in their life.

If you are truly on the path to become the best of what you could be you will die every night and be born again every morning.

Every day is a new opportunity. Have you been avoiding doing what you know must be done? Whether it’s dieting, lifting, improving your income, improving your relationships or fulfilling some grand vision of what you want to manifest in this world, wipe the slate clean and start over.

Has achieving a degree of success left you empty and void of meaning? They say the journey is more important than the destination, and as a man this is doubly true. I have set seemingly impossible goals for myself and if I ever reach them I will set new ones. What we can achieve is limited by who we are but there is no hard cap on how much you can grow, thus who we are cannot set concrete limits to what we can do.

The man I am today is miles above the man I was five years ago, but I cannot say that who I am today even remotely satisfies me. Like many of you I’ve avoided doing what needs to be done, and have allowed a small number of successes to act as brakes instead of stepping stones to greater things.

So I leave this, the first blog post of many, as my declaration of intent, so that noone will be confused.

  1. There is a price for everything. This is the law of equivalent exchange. If you want something, you must give something up. Hedging and arbitrage can make the transaction favorable, but it is never free. I will transmute the bulk of my time into productive action rather than pointless distractions.
  2. The old me is dead. His ghost still clings to me, but he is dead and must be buried. I have half a bottle of lemonade sitting on my desk. I will drink it in his honor, and tomorrow a new dawn and a new me will be born.
  3. In certain extreme situations, mere effort is inadequate. In order to shame the gurus peddling “just grind more bro”, it is necessary to act beyond mere work to pursue destiny. This is not fantasizing. Fantasizing is not action, it is an emotional response. No, not fantasizing. Vision.

I have several projects I’ve been neglecting, and you could argue this one is not a good use of my time. Victor Pride of Bold&Determined, who was the inspiration for this blog, rightfully pointed out an issue with the modern Internet:

I have a question for you.

Where have all the good blogs gone?

I used to find so many great blog articles all the time.

Several years ago the blog world was alive with color.

It was vibrant and alive and full of life.


There are still a few around, but…

It seems like all the good blogs have disappeared within the past few years.

Where did all the good blogs go?

I can answer that for you…

All good blog artists disappeared into social media addiction.

Nearly all of those former blog artists – the ones that used to produce great content and who have since stopped – are very active on social media.

They disappeared from the world of doing great work, and they appeared in the world of instant likes, lost in the glow of hearts and likes.

Their work suffered fatally.

Their obituaries read:

“Once upon a time he did great work, now he’s garbage.”


I am by no means a blog artist, good or otherwise. But I made this blog to leave as a record for any man looking for guidance in a demonic world that seeks to break us by destroying us psychologically with both direct attacks on our sense of self and dignity as well as hedonistic traps designed to numb the pain and mollify any potential resistance.

A lot of my upcoming content will probably seem pretty derivative and boilerplate to some of you. Expect that to change as I grow, and also keep in mind that most of us have seen useful bits of information, ideas or instruction that others have not. I know everything I do because others were kind enough to repeat it even if it has been said before.

Walking the paved road and exploring the wilderness both have their time and place.

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