The Secret To Mind Control

Want to know how you can control the actions of just about any person in the Western world?

There is in fact this One Weird Trick that can be used to get the average person to do just about anything, no matter how insane, idiotic or self destructive it may be.

And the key to total domination is guilt.

The % of the general population that does not feel guilt is limited to a small number of psychopaths and/or swaggering alphas.

For the rest of us you, if you can convince somebody that they are guilty of a great wrong they must atone for, they will belong to you.

People will subject themselves to the most perverse of depravities to make their guilt go away.

Guilt is used by everybody, from charities to religious organizations (both theistic and atheistic) to politicians to build up fanatical followings of simpletons ready to do their bidding.

The Manosphere is no different. Tweets telling men they are bad for watching Netflix or playing video games or that they don’t deserve success if they don’t grind 24/7 are very popular.

The gurus spouting them gets lots of engagement for making them, which encourages them to keep doing it. Their followers receive psychological release from the guilt of not living up to the lofty expectations they have made for themselves.

It’s a very poisonous dynamic that has the guru trading his soul for dopamine and their followers wasting emotional (and sometimes physical) energy trying to live up to someone else’s ideal.

Save the guilt for monumental fuck-ups with a clear victim of your actions and NEVER allow someone to use guilt to chain you up into a never-ending repayment plan.

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