Twitter Flagellants

There is a particular type of content on twitter that has been increasingly getting on my nerves over the last week.

It’s very common, particularly on self-improvement accounts aimed at men.

And what I am talking about?

Abusive remarks intended to “encourage” the followers of whatever guru or influencer posted it.

“If you’re taking the weekend off you don’t deserve success!”
“Put sugar in your coffee? You are soy!”
“I spent the last year locked in my room shitting in a litter box and drinking my own urine and you’re not willing to wake up at 5 am to work on your business?”

Twitter Guru Addicts, 2019, Colorized

I don’t really blame the gurus themselves for this. This type of content is very popular, and many of them, even if they’re not tracking their stats, will gravitate towards posting more content that gets them eyeballs and retweets.

The problem with this content, which I’ve dubbed “cuckbait” is that it becomes a perverse mind trap.

Failure produces guilt in people who haven’t had their mindset reoriented towards viewing it as progress.

The guru’s harsh words “punishes” the reader, who now receives psychological relief from their guilt, removing the opportunity to earn relief by getting back up and trying again.

Furthermore, the guru’s words sends a message to the reader that he is unworthy of success.

If you think you don’t deserve something, it’ll only naturally bleed into your ability to work towards that thing because you will believe you are not capable of attaining it as you currently are.

You will also build up an association between the work and psychological pain, a major cause of procrastination and something I will talk about in a future post.

This type of content can be entertaining in small doses, but reader beware: if consumed incessantly it becomes poison.

I’m not against the consumption of motivational material or platitudes.

But I recommend finding people who provide motivation through encouragement and positivity.

Aside from building feedback loops that reinforce negative thought patterns in the long term, the frenzied, abusive nature of cuckbait is counter-productive. Like a huge burst of adrenaline can get you to move but take away the fine motor skills required to perform precision tasks.

And self improvement is 90% small, precise changes.

Use the nuclear stuff sparingly and at key moments, if you need it at all.

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